Friday, January 4, 2013

Lappeenrannan laulukilpailut

One of the readers of this blog just made it to the final of Lappeenrannan valtakunnalliset laulukilpailut, Lappeenranta National Singing Contest. I suggest that on this coming Sunday, January 6, you'll take a little break from your Finnish studies and watch the final concert at 17.55 Finland time. The concert is available online in, but if you are in Finland, you can also watch it on the Yle Teema channel on tv.

Onneksi olkoon, Emili!

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Anonymous said...

Emili (and whoever wants them) should quickly fire up their browser (13 days left!), download YLE Areena downloader, surf to the wanted video, start watching it and then fire up the downloader with the page URL to grab a copy of the performances at YLE Areena.