Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking for a nice French person

Etsitään kivaa ranskalaista!

Mun sisko asuu Fontainebleaussa ja se haluaisi harjoitella ranskaa joko lähellä sen kotia tai Pariisin keskustassa. Se voi auttaa sua suomen, englannin, norjan tai hevosten kanssa. Jätä kommentti, niin mä annan sulle sen yhteystiedot.

(My sister lives in Fontainebleau and she would like to practice her French either close to her home or in downtown Paris. She can help you with Finnish, English, Norwegian or horses. Leave a message in the comments, and I'll give you her contact information.)


Anonymous said...

There are no nice French people. Badum-tish!

Random Finnish Lesson said...

Ha ha! I had to google that. Actually, nobody has contacted me because of this post, so my sister is still looking for someone to help her with French. She's a pretty cool lady; speaks multiple languages and tames horses.

clara said...

hello. I am French and actually i am nice. I would be happy to help and i am also looking for someone to help me with finnish but i live in Finland. If your sister cannot find someone in France, Skype could be an alternative solution.

Random Finnish Lesson said...

Hei, tosi kiva juttu! Voisitko lähettää mulle sun yhteystiedot, niin mä annan ne mun siskolle. Mun osoite on