Monday, March 24, 2014

What to watch right now

Right now, there are several Finnish television series that I'd like to follow.

  • Toisen kanssa (With another) - A drama comedy about a couple who is supposedly not able to have children, but somehow the lady (played by the always wonderful Krista Kosonen) ends up pregnant with another man. 
  • Nymfit (The nymphs) - This is apparently a big international hit series about three ladies in Helsinki who are actually nymphs and need to kill men in order to stay alive. 
  • Mustat lesket - (Black widows) Three Finnish ladies murder their husbands and try to get away with it.

If possible, put on Finnish subtitles on the shows that you watching.

p.s. For a great music show, check out Tähdet, tähdet!


  1. Great recommendations (though perhaps the selection is a bit biased towards the female audience there). Will be having a look. Also, little language note, one only adds "the" in front of season when you use an ordinal number, rather than a cardinal. As in:

    "This is the first season" ("the 1st season")
    "This is season one" ("season 1")

    A combination of the two does not work.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I'm so glad that Finnish doesn't have articles.

      Let me know how you felt about the shows! :)

  2. For any others reading this in the US, it unfortunately looks like it's not possible to watch these shows here (at least not the last three on the list. I think the first one hasn't started yet as of today).

  3. Nymfit is a reall big production, recommended.

  4. Any word on Nymphs season 2?