Friday, April 11, 2014

Super easy news in Finnish

Are you familiar with Selkouutiset? Do they still feel a bit too complicated and difficult to follow? Tosi helppo (very easy) is a new feature in the Yle news in easy Finnish. It cannot really get slower than this. If you have trouble falling asleep, tosi helpot selkouutiset might help.:)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Actually I am intensively studying finnish at the moment and this method of news will help me a lot. I will share this with my other friends as well.

  2. Wow, I was laughing all throughout the couch article (, but I couldn't help but feel good about reading something where I understood every single word as well as every single grammatical construction.

    I think I'll stick to "selko" as I can actually still learn from that.

  3. Reading the selkouutiset everyday, first thing in the morning has proved to be the best way to learn new words for me. Of course it's usually full of bad news, like budget cuts and making people jobless, but it works great as a learning tool. When I read those in the morning, then it's easier to follow the news on the radio, because I have some clues already.
    Thanks Hanna!

  4. Kiitos for this blog. I found many useful things. I moved to Finland, and am struggling a bit with the learning... I've had trouble finding things to listen to that I can actually follow somewhat... :D Normal radio is fast and filled with slang words!

    1. Kiitos! I'm actually planning to make some sort of simple listening material myself, too. The idea is just to have the sound in, and perhaps the text in a Google Drive document or something super simple like that. Any topic suggestions?

    2. that's really great idea! :)
      Something from everyday life maybe? ;)