Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mixcloud & Instagram

If you haven't noticed yet, I now have both Mixcloud and Instagram accounts. How exciting! I hope you'll find them useful. My goal is to interview more adults, and post at least one picture every day.


  1. The interviews with your children on Mixcloud are SO WONDERFUL! :) Besides them being funny and adorable, it is fascinating to hear how they say things, and notice what is easy and what is hard for them (so different from what's easy and hard for an adult language-learner!) Thanks for doing this, I hope there will be many more interviews with them and other guests.

  2. Would you have suggestions about where else to find recordings of young children speaking Finnish?

    1. Hi, actually, I don't. I tried to google it, but all programs seem to be for children, not by them. My nephew Oskari is super excited about his podcast fame, so I will hopefully manage to interview him many more times. :) Any specific questions for Finnish children?