Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Here's a post about words that begin with ero. Usually ero means a difference, distinction or a divorce.

  • Mitä eroa on sanoilla tai ja vai? - What's the difference between tai and vai?
  • Etsi viisi eroa. - Find five differences.
  • Haluan eron. - I want a divorce.

Erota is to divorce or to separate. (Here's an informative link about divorcing in Finland, and here's a song that you can sing to your ex in a Finnish karaoke.)

Erottaa is for example to fire and to tell apart.

If you are confused by the similarity of these two verbs, you might enjoy my post about transitive and intransitive verbs.

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kaef said...

Hi, I recently stumbled upon one thing that I'd love to see explained by you - the usage of the word "puoli". I keep seeing sentences like "[...] ja heitimme ne vain paaluaidan toiselle puolen". I would expect "toiselle puolelle" due to case agreement. I also think that the plural "puolet" has some special usage.