Women's weekend in Tampere 27.-29.4.2018

Are you looking for something fun to do next spring? If you are a woman and you can already speak some Finnish, this one is for you:

I will organize a women's weekend in Finnish at the Varala Sports Institute in Tampere in April 27 - 29. There won't be any official Finnish lessons, but everything will be in Finnish, and I will be there to help the participants with their language. Professional sports instructors will conduct the sporty part of the programme, but I will participate in the same activities as you. We will eat and excercise well, and also have some free time in Tampere. For Saturday night, I have booked a sauna by the lake. Native Finnish speakers can also sign up for the weekend.

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Send me an email (hanna.mannikkolahti@gmail.com) if you want to sign up or if you have any questions about the women's weekend.

Tervetuloa viettämään naisten viikonloppua Varalaan!

10 reasons to sign up for the women's weekend

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