Friday, August 11, 2017

Easy things to watch in Finnish

Suomalainen juttu is a program by Selkouutiset. It has short and easy videos and texts about all things Finnish. Here are the themes of the episodes:

  • Loma - A vacation
  • Peruna - A potato
  • Alko - The Finnish liquor store
  • Hissi - An elevator
  • Vesi - Water
  • Kättely - Handshaking

Another fun thing to watch is a children's show called Jari ja Kari. It teaches you (and the kids) to behave properly in different situations. These are the episodes:

  • Juhlat - A party
  • Leija - A kite
  • Taikatemppuja - Magic tricks
  • Musisointia - Playing music
  • Teatteria - Theatre
  • Pukeudutaan - Let's get dressed
  • Välipala - A snack
  • Puhelu - A phone call
  • Uimahallireissu - A trip to the swimming hall
  • Linnunpönttö - A birdhouse

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About the author of this blog:  

My name is Hanna Männikkölahti, and I am a native Finn who gives private lessons via Skype and simplifies books into easy Finnish. Please leave a comment, if you have something to ask about Finnish or novels in easy Finnish.

Lue selkokirja. Se voi olla yllättävän helppoa ja kivaa!

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