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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Finnish comedy classics: Kummeli

You might have seen this Tonnin seteli picture in a meme: 

Tonnin seteli - A thousand mark banknote

Tonnin seteli is a super popular sketch about a guy who doesn't get enough money back after buying his small cup of coffee and a wafer. Here's a script of the sketch: 

- Moi. 
- Hei.
- Pieni kahvi. 
- Tuleeko muuta?
- Tommonen vohveli tosta. 
- Kahdeksan markkaa.
- Jaha niin. Mulla ei ookaan kun tällanen iso seteli. 
- Ja tuhanteen. 
- Mähän annoin sulle tonnin setelin. Eiks se ollut tonnin seteli? Tonni. Enks mä antanut tonnin? Mä annoin sulle tonnin setelin. Eiks se ollu tonnin seteli? Eikö se ollut? Mä annoin sulle tonnin setelin. Mä annoin tonnin setelin. Tonnin seteli. 

Normipäivä - Just a normal day

Another Kummeli classic is Normipäivä. It's about three guys in a bar after they've been playing tennis. This is what they ask each other during the evening: 

- Onks sulla mitään huomenna? - Do you have anything tomorrow?
- Millainen päivä sulla on huomenna? - What kind of a day do you have tomorrow?

You can watch Normipäivä here: 

Watch more if you can:

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