Thursday, October 23, 2014


Book2 and its 50 Languages Android application are my favourite ways to study a new language or brush up a language that I should know better, in this case Russian. I used to study Russian in highshool 20 years (!!!) ago, and I've tried to continue studying it on my own ever since. Russian is a super useful language for a Finnish teacher, so I've decided to start taking it seriously. I listen to the Book 2 audio material, watch the Yle Novosti news, and study my text book daily. I also enjoy these Youtube videos. (The author of the Russian lessons has also great Finnish lessons on Youtube!) My next step is to ask a Russian speaking friend for a walk in the woods in Finnish and in Russian. And to continue studying every day, not just today.:)

  • Puhutaan venäjää! - Let's speak Russian!
  • Kuinka tämä sanotaan venäjäksi? - How do you say this in Russian?
  • Oletko ollut Venäjällä? - Have you been to Russia?
  • Ooksä venäläinen? - Are you Russian?
  • Mä oon kotoisin Venäjältä. - I'm from Russia. 
  • Mitä mun pitäsi ottaa mukaan Venäjälle? - What should I bring with me to Russia?
  • Ville Haapasalo on kuuluisampi Venäjällä kuin Suomessa. - Ville Haapasalo is more famous in Russia than in Finland.
  • Lappeenrannassa on paljon venäläisiä. - There are a lot of Russians in Lappeenranta. 
  • Miksei Suomen televisiossa näytetä venäläisiä elokuvia? - Why don't they show Russian movies on Finnish tv?
  • Voi Venäjä! - Oh, Russia! 


Anonymous said...

Уле новости забавные. Если понимаете, что там написано, то читайте нормальные новости, типа Вроде как и написано правильно, но так никто не говорит :)
Yle news are funny. If you understand whats written there, read proper russian news like It looks right, but noone talks like that :)

Unknown said...

I only start teaching Russian as a foreign language, and already have noticed how useful it is to know basics of Finnish language (with finnish students ofc). There are more similarities between these languages than we tend to think.

P.S. thank you for your website. I was thinking about making smth like that with random Russian lessons, but I afraid that Russian must be taught in certain way step by step...otherwise it is easy to get lost in it...
Oh well... =)

I wish both of us a good luck in studying our languages :) :)