Monday, October 15, 2012


Our three-year-old son really, really likes to chew xylitol gum. And he also likes to talk about it. Test yourself and see if you can understand all these purkka-related sentences I collected yesterday! The correct translations are in the comment box.

  1. Saanko minä purkkaa? 
  2. Saisinko minä purkkaa?
  3. Missä purkka on?
  4. Onko meillä purkkaa?
  5. Onko meillä lisää purkkaa?
  6. Ostatko sinä kaupasta lisää purkkaa?
  7. On hankalaa puhua purkka suussa, purkka voi mennä mahaan. 
  8. Minä haluaisin lisää purkkaa.
  9. Mä haluun lisää purkkaa, oikeesti.
  10. Minä tykkään purkasta.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

1. Can I have some gum?
2. Could I have some gum?
3. Where is the gum?
4. Do we have gum?
5. Do we have more gum?
6. Will you buy more gum from the store?
7. It's difficult to speak with a gum in my mouth, the gum may go to the stomach.
8. I would like to have more gum.
9. I want more gum, for real.
10. I like gum.