Saturday, February 23, 2013


Here are some expressions with the word aika, time.

  • Onko sinulla aikaa? - Do you have time?
  • Muista tulla ajoissa. - Remember to come on time.
  • Mitä sinä teit sillä aikaa kun minä nukuin? - What did you while I was sleeping?
  • Mihin aikaan me tavataan? - At what time shall we meet?
  • Ei niin aikaisin! - Not so early!
  • Minä voin tulla aikaisintaan yhdeksältä.- I can come at nine o'clock at the earliest.
  • En ole nähnyt Mattia pitkään aikaan. - I haven't seen Matti for a long time.
  • Me olimme samaan aikaan armeijassa. - We did our service in the army at the same time.
  • Unohdin varata ajan hammaslääkärille! - I forgot to book an appointment with the dentist!
  • Voisitko tyhjentää astianpesukoneen mainoskatkon aikana? - Could you empty the dishwasher during the commercial break?
  • Oli hauska jutella pitkästä aikaa. - It was fun to talk, it had been a long time. 
  • Neljä tuntia on pitkä aika. - Four hours is a long time. 

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Tommy Quist said...

Perhaps it's also good for some people to know that a whole separate meaning of "aika" is "quite", as in:

Hän laulaa aika hyvin.
She/he sings quite well.

It's bizarre that until this article I had not actually seen the connection between "aika" and "aikainen".
(even more bizarre I didn't notice since for one translation of aikainen, this connection is even present in English - timely)

Hanna said...

Kiitos, Tommy! I was actually thinking about adding it, but then I decided to go to sleep instead. I also kind of guessed that one of my readers would leave a comment about it.:)

Hanna said...

Took me a while, but here it is: