Monday, February 25, 2013


If you are going to have a mini vacation in Tampere, according to a 3,5-year-old, this is what you should be concerned about:
  1. Milloin me mennään Tampereelle?
  2. Onko Tampereella leluja?
  3. Onko Tampereella yläkerta?
  4. Onko Tampereella jääkaappi, jossa on lihapullia?
  5. Olenko minä Tampereella neljä?
  6. Onko Tampereella Jaffa-keksejä?
How well do you understand these questions? Check out the translations in the comments box!


Hanna said...

1. When are we going to Tampere?
2. Do they have toys in Tampere?
3. Is there upstairs in Tampere?
4. In Tampere, is there a refrigerator with meatballs in it?
5. Am I four in Tampere?
6. Do they have Jaffa cookies in Tampere?

Eija said...

Ihan huikeaa :)