Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Things to watch in Finnish with English subtitles

Here's a small post about short films and tv shows that you can watch with English subtitles. I'll update this as I'll find more. 

Yksittäistapaus (Force of Habit)

  • An anthology series of 11 episodes questioning gender stereotypes

Luottomies (Wingman)

  • A comedy show of two neighbours

Learn Finnish with comedy

  • A YouTube channel with subtitles

Ismo Leikola

  • A Finnish stand up comedian

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Anonymous said...

Ja täältä löytyvät Ylen suomenkieliset suomeksi tekstitettyinä:

OL said...

Two other channels worth a watch.

Short videos (~4min) sub in both Finnish and English about all sort of subjects.
Pronunciation slow and clear. Ideal for beginners.

Petteri Mikkonen:
Longer videos (~10min) sub in Finnish and English (automatic youtube subs) about knowledge, science, etc. Quite good for more advanced or motivated learner. A lot more interesting than the usual teaching content. :-)