Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vain elämää

Vain elämää is absolutely the best thing on Finnish television for a long time. It's entertaining, touching and full of great Finnish music. Seven Finnish singers spending a week together and performing their own versions of each other's hit songs. The show ended last Friday, but you can watch the episodes online, buy the album and became a huge fan of all the artists.  This performance was voted the best by the viewers. Nothing like a depressive song on a rainy and grey November evening, that's what we Finns like. :)


  1. unfortunately one can only watch short clips such as the songs online from outside Finland on nelonen :( ... I would've loved to follow it from the very beginning and watch the whole episodes...
    I have to say that Jonne is my favorite, he gives so many feelings to the songs, kylmä ilman sua was so beautifully done by him!

  2. Oh no! The album has been really popular, so hopefully they'll release a dvd, too.