Monday, December 10, 2012

What to wear in winter in Finland

Well, first of all, not this:

This picture of Bogart Co. makes me smile every time I look at it. It was voted to be one of the worst band pictures ever, but I think that's too mean. Here's a great song from 1985 and a snowy music video.

Anyway, when it's freezing outside, try at least these:

  1. pipo - a cap / a beanie
  2. villasukat - wool socks
  3. pitkät kalsarit - long underwear
  4. kauluri - the thing around your neck, kind of like a one piece scarf. What is in English?
  5. toppahousut - quilted pants / thick winter pants
  6. toppahame - a quilted skirt to pull over everything else. This one is my favourite!!

Also, remember the importance of kerrospukeutuminen, layered clothing. 



    The closest Wiktionary comes is a neckwarmer. I doubt there is a better word.

    1. My other dictionary says "muffler", though I feel like this may be a broader term, though I'm not sure how broad kauluri is.

    2. Nope. Cowls have hoods.
      Kauluri is simply a two-fold ring around your neck with a flap on the front and beginnings of one in the back.

    3. please do link an image of a kauluri! I'm so curious to find out what it is :)

  2. Esim. tässä: tai katso Googlen kuvahausta lisää. :-)

  3. Snood voisi olla yksi mahdollinen englanninnos.


  4. I think the best english translation for kauluri might be "dickie turtleneck"- very popular in the 70's!