Friday, February 8, 2013

Free online course on Fridays at 6 p.m.

This course sounds super interesting! I found out about it yesterday when I was reading Finland Forum and it was mentioned in a discussion. Have any of you attended this online Finnish course? It seems to be open for anyone, just remember to be by your computer at six o'clock on Friday night!

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Laura said...

6 PM Finnish time?

Bales said...

Im supposed to be joining it, apparently its great and I know the teacher, Anne she is really good as well! Ive been told by a lot of people here in Oulu who have joined it that it really is worth it...a good time too if you are busy all week and cant attend classes.... :)

Anonymous said...

The course is going to end on 17 of may. Will you have a new course after this one end???

Hanna said...

I don't know, because it is not my course. :) Best way to find out is to contact the teacher, Anne.

Mrs Rainbow said...

I have been a member of this online real time interactive group. Anne Palokangas is an excellent teacher. The service is totally free too, which is brilliant.

One can visit just the once, or every friday if you wish, when the class is running. It is a free flowing group and the subject matter depends on those involved. Even if you only have a small question that has troubled you during the week, you can drop in and ask that, then go again. It is very flexible! You can also be anywhere in the world! Soooooo wonderful! More groups of learning should be modelled in this way.

There are also many other groups that Anne runs, some in person, in Oulu and some online interactive classes, at different levels....which I have done several of, as I live in Lapland, a long distance from Anne.

I recommend most highly this group and also joining the open group on Facebook.

Prince C said...

You made my day Hanna, I'm impressed with this compilation. Kiitoksia paljon