Thursday, February 21, 2013

purra - purkaa

These two verbs are probably not in your everyday vocabulary, but in case you have to talk about biting and tearing down in Finnish, here's how it goes:

purra, puren, purin, purrut - to bite

  • Älä pelkää, ei se pure. - Don't be afraid. He won't bite.
  • Ville puri mua! - Ville bit me!
  • Ei saa purra! - No biting! (It is not allowed to bite.)

purkaa, puran, purin, purkanut - to tear down and many other things

  • Miksi kaikki vanhat rakennukset aina puretaan? - Why do people always tear down all the old buildings?
  • Tämä villasukka on aivan liian pieni. Sun täytyy purkaa kaikki ja aloittaa alusta. - This wool sock is way too small. You have to unravel everything and start all over. 
  • Miksi te puritte teidän saunan? - Why did you tear down your sauna?

Notice the four important forms: in the positive past tense, the only difference is the third person consonant changepurkaa: hän purki, he purkivat. purra: hän puri, he purivat.

Kind of close to these two verbs are the nouns purkka (chewing gum) and purkki (a can, a carton).

  • Haluatko purkkaa? - Do you want some gum?
  • Missä tämän purkin kansi on? - Where's the lid to this can?


Tommy Quist said...

Oh dear. "aloud"? No connection to the verb "to allow" (it is not allowed)
That hurts just a bit on a language-focused blog.

Hanna said...

Kiitos, Tommy! (Korjasin sen jo.)