Friday, May 31, 2013


The summer vacation is almost here! Tomorrow is the day when most schools have their closing ceremony. Traditionally, the last song of the ceremony is Suvivirsi, a summer hymn. Some schools have decided not to have it in their programme, because there are so many students who don't belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, and being allowed to leave the room during the hymn would be inconvenient for all. Some other people won't let their kids attend the ceremony if Suvivirsi is not sung. If you live in Helsinki, you can join the mass event tonight and sing Suvivirsi with thousands of people.


Anonymous said...

Not "having to", "being allowed to". You know, because of freedom of religion.

Hanna said...

Totta. Mä korjasin sen. Kiitos! :)

Anonymous said...

Is suvi/kesä the same thing exactly or is there a subtle difference somewhere? Or is it a regional/dialect difference?