Saturday, July 13, 2013


Täti means an aunt, but it is also used for referring to any woman who is too old to be called tyttö, a girl. Children use it a lot, but unfortunately so do also adults when talking to kids.

  • Katso, tuolla tädillä on leipää ankoille. - Look, that lady has bread for the ducks. 
  • Täti antaa sinullekin leipää. - The lady gives some bread for you, too. 
  • Sano tädille kiitos. - Say thanks to the lady. 

The problem is that there isn't really a good alternative for täti, as rouva, madam, sounds old, I cannot really expect anyone to refer to a 35-year-old as tyttö, and henkilö, a person is too official. Sure, I'm ihminen, a human being and nainen, a woman, but those sound kind of distant, too. Especially in a friendly duck-feeding context.

Have you experienced any tädittely in Finland? (For men, it's setä and sedittely.)


  1. I got used to täti and setä more quickly than I'm getting used to the pink hue that this site now has.

  2. Oh come on! Which colour would you prefer? :)

  3. It doesn't really matter which color it is :) but I do have to get used to it, and since you don't have an article out every day, I don't get used to it very quickly.