Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to talk like a 1,5-year-old

In case you wonder what kind of things Finnish toddlers can say, here's a list of my daughter's favourite words at the age of 18 months. Test yourself and see if you can understand what my little lady has to say!

  1. Alas! 
  2. Anna! 
  3. Avaa! 
  4. Istu! 
  5. Joo
  6. Ka! (A short form of kato which is a spoken language form of katso.)
  7. Kakka
  8. Kakku
  9. Kiitos! 
  10. Kenkä 
  11. Loppu
  12. Moi moi!
  13. Nam!
  14. Nenä
  15. Noin! 
  16. Papu 
  17. Pois! 
  18. Rikki (or ikki. It takes a while to learn the Finnish r.)
  19. Tuu!
  20. Vauva

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Hanna said...

1. Down
2. Give
3. Open
4. Sit
5. Yes, Yeah
6. Look
7. Poo
8. Cake
9. Thank you
10. Shoe
11. The end. Finished.
12. Bye bye
13. Yummy!
14. Nose
15. Like that
16. Bean
17. Away
18. Broken
19. Come (A spoken language for 'tule')
20. Baby

Tommy Quist said...

I had all of them, except for bean and baby.

Hanna said...

Hyvä, Tommy! Unohdin, että sanavarastossa on myös äiti, hattu ja mun, mutta sä osaat varmaan nekin.:)

Anonymous said...

I figured out all except 6, 16 & 19 :)