Thursday, March 27, 2014

edes - jopa - ainakin - ainakaan

My 4,5-year-old son says edes a lot, and usually in a place where it doesn't belong to. That's no wonder, because edes can be quite tricky.

  • Minulla ei ole edes kahta euroa.  - I don't have even two euros. 
  • Minulla on jopa kaksi euroa! - I have as much as two euros!
  • Minulla on ainakin kaksi euroa.  - I have at least two euros.
  • Minulla ei ainakaan ole kahta euroa. - I definitely don't have two euros.

In a negative sentence, edes is combined with ei and it means not even.

  • Mä en edes tunne sitä. - I don't even know him.
  • Sillä ei ole edes ajokorttia. - He doesn't even have a driver's licence. 
  • Se ei edes tiedä, kuka mä oon. - He doesn't even know who I am. 
  • Älä edes kuvittele! - Don't even imagine!

Even is jopa.

  • Tämä oli uusi asia jopa minulle. - This was a new thing even for me.
  • Jopa puolet suomalaisista ajattelee näin. - As many as half of the Finns think like this.

In an imperative sentence, edes is at least.

  • Maista edes vähän. - Taste at least a little bit. 
  • Tule edes puoleksi tunniksi. - Come at least for half an hour.

Usually, at least is ainakin or ainakaan.

  • Maista ainakin vähän. - Taste at least a little bit, 
  • Ostetaan ainakin maitoa ja leipää. - Let's buy at least milk and bread. 
  • Olen lähettänyt ainakin kaksikymmentä työhakemusta! - I've sent at least twenty job applications.

In a negative sentence, use ainakaan. The meaning might change a bit depending on the word order.

  • Ainakaan minä en tule mukaan. - At least I'm not coming along. 
  • Minä en ainakaan tule mukaan! - I'm definitely not coming along!
  • Mä en ole nähnyt sitä ainakaan viikkoon. - I haven't seen him at least for a week. 


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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for explaining this! Now i know how to use ainakin! But there we have also VÄHINTÄÄN which means at least. So what is the different between them?