Friday, May 16, 2014

hehkua - hehkuttaa

Hehkua (hehkun, hehkuin, hehkunut) is to glow.

  • Sinä hehkut! - You're glowing!
  • Vieläkekäleet hehkuvat? - Are the embers still glowing?

Hehkuttaa (hehkutan, hehkutin, hehkuttanut) is hard to translate, but I'll try. (Please, feel free to share your translations in the comments.) This is what Google gave me when I searched for hehkuttaa:

If you have something incredibly exciting to share with your friends, you can start with this expression:

  • Nyt on ihan pakko hehkuttaa! - Now I absolutely must tell you something with excitement, pride and enthusiasm!

1 comment:

Paul Hopkins said...

For the first three sentences for hehkuttaa, I think "to big up" works, though that's very colloquial English. I can't come up with a better translation for number 4 though!