Friday, June 5, 2015

How to say 'any' in Finnish

Here are some common sentences with the expression any in Finnish:

  • Kuka tahansa voi tehdä sen. - Anyone can do it.
  • Mikä tahansa päivä sopii mulle. - Any day is ok for me.
  • Sä voit tilata mitä tahansa sä haluat. - You can order anything you want.
  • Sä voit valita minkä tahansa kirjan. - You can choose any book.
  • Niitä myydään missä tahansa kirjakaupassa. - They are sold in any bookstore.
  • Sä voit kirjoittaa ihan mistä tahansa aiheesta.  - You can write about any topic.
  • Jos voisit matkustaa mihin tahansa, minne menisit? - If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

In spoken language, you can sometimes use vaan instead of tahansa. (Vaan is the spoken language form of vain, only. It is different from this vaan.)


  1. Can vaan replace tahansa in all of those sentences? For example could you say Sä voit valita minkä vaan kirjan?

    1. I think so. To be clear, though, the word is vain, which then gets muddled in the spoken language. Strictly speaking, vaan is only used to compare.

  2. Is JOKU the same? Can I say Joku voi tehdä tehdä sen? What is the difference?

    Thanks. I like a lot your blog

  3. What is the difference with joku? Can I say Joku voi tehdä sen?

    Thanks. I like a lot your blog

  4. Joku is someone.

  5. Vie mut minne vaan!

    Hyvä suomalainen biisi!