Monday, December 19, 2016

When something is broken in Finnish

Here's list of things to say when something doesn't work the way it is supposed to. (The clumsy sentences in the parenthesis are to demonstrate the exact translation of the expression.)

  • Se ei mene päälle. - It doesn't turn on.
  • Se vuotaa vettä. - It's leaking water.
  • Siihen ei tule valoa.  - There's no light. (Into it won't come any light.)
  • Siihen ei tule virtaa.  - There's no electricity. (Into it won't come any electricity.)
  • Siitä ei kuulu mitään. - It doesn't make any sound. (From it cannot be heard anything.)
  • Siitä kuuluu omituista ääntä. - It makes a strange sound. (From it comes a strange sound.)
  • Tästä on ehkä irronnut jokin pala. - This is maybe missing a piece. (A piece might have detached from this.)
  • Se ei vain toimi. - It just doesn't work.

p.s. Notice that Finnish has its own way of talking about people working.

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