Friday, January 20, 2017

Mistakes to avoid in the speaking exam

Over the years I've noticed that sometimes good speakers don't succeed in the intermediate Yki speaking exam as well as they'd expect. Make sure not to make these mistakes:

  1. Puhut väärästä aiheesta. - You talk about the wrong topic.
  2. Et ymmärrä ohjeita. - You don't understand the instructions.
  3. Et sano mitään, koska pelkäät virheitä. - You don't say anything because you're afraid of mistakes. (When they say "Puhu nyt" say something. Mistakes are better than silence. However, don't read aloud the instructions.)
  4. Mietit ja kirjoitat muistiinpanoja liian kauan eikä sinulle jää tarpeeksi aikaa puhua. - You think and write notes for too long and won't have enough time to speak. (When they say "Kiitos", you're time is up.)
  5. Valitset liian vaikean aiheen. - You choose a topic that is too difficult. (Think carefully whether you have enough to say about the topic you choose, if you get to choose.)
  6. Sinulla ei ole mitään sanottavaa. - You have nothing to say. (Practice having an opinion on everything!)

Onnea kokeeseen! - Good luck with the exam!

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