Thursday, February 16, 2017

Partitiivi vai genetiivi?

I already have a post about the object, but here are some simple examples about the difference between the genitive and partitive cases in an object sentence:

  • Mä haluan ton kirjan. - I want that book.
  • Mä en halua tota kirjaa. - I don't want that book. (Because the sentence is negative.)

  • Mikko osti kanan. - Mikko bought a chicken. (A whole bird.)
  • Mikko osti kanaa. - Mikko bought chicken. (Some chicken meat.)

  • ostan kahvin. - I'll buy a cup of coffee. 
  • Mä ostan kahvia. - I'll buy some coffee. 

  • Luin junassa kirjan. - I read a book on the train. (I finished the book.)
  • Luin junassa kirjaa. - I was reading a book on the train. (Haven't finished the book yet.)

  • Poliisi ampui miehen. - A police shot a man. (And the man died.)
  • Poliisi ampui miestä. - A police shot at a man. (The man is hurt but alive.)

p.s. My post Describing things has more about the fascinating partitive case!

Kuvassa on neljä hyvää selkokirjaa. :)

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