Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Kausi is usually a season or a period.
Do you now the meaning of these compound words with kausi?
  1. jääkausi
  2. kausikortti
  3. kausimaku
  4. kausituote
  5. kivikausi
  6. kuukausi
  7. lukukausi
  8. satokausi
  9. terassikausi
  10. vuorokausi
  11. välikausi

Here are the translations:

  1. jääkausi - an ice age 
  2. kausikortti - a season ticket
  3. kausimaku - a seasonal flavour
  4. kausituote - a seasonal product
  5. kivikausi - a stone age
  6. kuukausi - a month
  7. lukukausi - an academic term
  8. vuorokausi - a period of 24 hours
  9. satokausi - a harvest season
  10. terassikausi - a terrace season (whenever it's not to cold to sit outside)
  11. välikausi - a season between seasons (usually means spring or fall)

Terassikausi on alkanut.

p.s. Kausi belongs to the same group of words than uusi, so it declines kausi: kauden: kautta: kausia.  If you are a partitive lover, check out my Partitiividrilli in Memrise. If you liked this post, you might also like my Facebook page and my Instagram account.


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