Friday, April 28, 2017

Easy Finnish ebook for schoolkid's parents

I've never re-posted anything before in this blog, but I felt that this is a good time to remind you about my ebook in easy Finnish. I wrote it about a year ago, and after that, I've been simplifying four novels and a collection of Aku Ankka cartoons. They should all be published later this year, and you'll be the first ones to hear about it!

Being a big fan of SelkouutisetSelkosanomat and other things written in easy Finnish, I wanted to try writing selkokieli myself. My e-book is called Opas koululaisen vanhemmille, A guide for a schoolkid's parents, and it's all in relatively easy and simple Finnish.

I decided that anyone can download and read the book, but it would also be really nice if  people paid something, let's say 8 € (or even more if you are a super fan of my blog!).

You can pay through PayPal or put money directly to my bank account. 
My account number is FI45 2043 1800 0098 65 and the BIC code is NDEA FIHH. 
The price includes the 24 % VAT, and of course, I'll pay the normal taxes after that.

Kiitos! :)

Please share this with your friends who might be interested in the book!

You can also suggest new topics for easy Finnish e-books. I kind of have a feeling that people would like to have something about writing in Finnish. What do you think about that?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hanna! Your PayPal donation button doesn't work. Please check the button code.

Random Finnish Lesson said...

Kiitos! Now it should work again. I don't know why it keeps changing.. I guess I should check it once a week.:)