Monday, November 13, 2017

eri - erilainen - ero

What is the difference between eri and erilainen?

Eri is something that is a completely different thing, object or matter.  The word eri doesn't get any endings.

  • Tämä on ihan eri asia! - This is a totally different thing! (You cannot even compare them.)
  • Tämä on eri kirja. - This is a different book. (You should get another one.)
  • Hän soitti eri paikasta kuin aikaisemmin. - He called from different place than before. (Not just different in style, but completely a different location.)

Erilainen is different kind and behaves like any adjective:

  • Tämä kirja on vähän erilainen. - This book is a little bit different.
  • Tästä päivästä tuli erilainen kuin kuvittelin. - This day became different than I imagined. 
  • Kokeillaan jotain erilaista!  - Let's try somehing different!
  • Sinä tuoksut erilaiselta kuin yleensä. - You smell different than usually.

Ero is a difference or a divorce.

  • Mitä eroa näillä on? - What's the difference between these?
  • Mitä eroa on sanoilla eri ja erilainen? - What's the difference between the words eri and erilainen?
  • Ensin tuli vauva, sitten ero. - First came a baby, then a divorce. 

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