Thursday, May 10, 2018


One of the best things about the Finnish summer is NORPPALIVE, a web camera aimed at a rock somewhere at the lake Saimaa. If you're lucky, you'll see a Saimaa ringed seal. This is what you can say when watching Norppalive:

  • Norppa on kivellä! - The Saimaa ringed seal is on the rock!
  • Nyt se liikkuu! - Now it moves!
  • Onpa se söpö! - Well isn't it cute!
  • Missä se ****n norppa on? - Where's the  **** Saimaa ringed seal?
  • Nyt niitä on kaksi! - Now there's two of them!
  • Tee jotain! - Do something!

Norppa on kivellä!

p.s. You can also observe liito-orava (a flying squerrel) and metsäpeura (a forest reindeer).


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