Intermediate level speaking on Skype (Yki)

The next intermediate Yki exam is on November 11.

Basic information about the upcoming Yki course:

Speaking theme:
Tuesday, October 24
Tuesday, October 31
Friday, November 3
Tuesday, November 7

Please make sure that you have read my blog posts about the Yki exam before the first meeting. That way we can start speaking immediately, and we don't have to spend time on talking about the structure of the exam in general.

I will send you an information form and an outline of the first meeting before the first session. Please make sure that your Skype connection works. If you have to cancel you participation, please do it on time so that I can find another person to join the course.

The basic structure of a meeting is that we go through the exercise type together, one person speaks at a time, I take notes and share them with the whole group, and then another student speaks. You will learn from my corrections but also from listening to other students. :)

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The next Yki course will be held before the January 27 exam.
The course days are January 2, 9, 16 and 23 at 9.00.