Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to talk about help and helping in Finnish

First some useful vocabulary, then examples: 

  • Auttaa - to help
  • Apu - help (a noun)
  • Avulias - (a) helpful (person)
  • Hyödyllinen - useful (from the noun hyöty)  

Auttaa, autan, autoin, auttanut

  • Minä autan sinua. - I'll help you.
  • Miksi sinä et auttanut omaa veljeäsi? - Why didn't you help your own brother?
  • Anteeksi, mutta voisitko auttaa vähän? - Excuse me, but could you help a little?
  • Kiitos kun autoit meitä. - Thanks for helping us.
  • Auttakaa! - Hey people, help!


  • Apua!! - (Give me some) help!!
  • Tarvitsetko apua? - Do you need help?
  • Kiitos avusta tosi paljon. - Thanks a lot for the help.
  • Tästä oli paljon apua. - This was really helpful. (Literally: From this was a lot of help.)
  • Toivottavasti tästä oli apua. - I hope this was helpful.

Avulias / Hyödyllinen

  • Tämä on hyödyllinen harjoitus. - This is a useful exercise. 
  • Hän on aina niin avulias! - He / she is always so helpful!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Hanna. If you can be of help, please differentiate the words tosi, todella, oikeasti as they all mean really. As always, thanks for the help. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your help Hanna! I really enjoy reading and learning from your blogs. i find it very useful and easy to understand. Thanks again. Keep it up! :)