Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A guide for a schoolkid's parents in easy Finnish

Minä olen kirjoittanut kirjan! - I have written a book!

Being a big fan of SelkouutisetSelkosanomat and other things written in easy Finnish, I wanted to try writing selkokieli myself. My e-book is called Opas koululaisen vanhemmille, A guide for a schoolkid's parents, and it's all in relatively easy and simple Finnish.


Anonymous said...

Good article.

Michael Pawlicki said...

Thank you for offering such useful service! I work as a customer service manager for the UK based moving company offering removals to Finland. Some of our customers might be interested in your Private Finnish Lessons so I posted the link to your website on our blog: I might be able to emphasise on the importance of learning Finnish to our customers with your help. Any suggestions of how to convince Brits to learn Finnish?

Adriana Rylee said...