Monday, August 13, 2012


Hakea has a couple of different meanings:

To get, to fetch something:

To apply, to submit oneself as a candidate for something:

  • Mitä sä aiot hakea opiskelemaan? - What will you apply to study?
  • Mihin yliopistoon sä haet? - Which university are you applying for?
  • Haen avoinna olevaa työpaikkaa. - I'm applying for the open position. 

When you are searching for something online in Finnish, it says hae in the box that you have to click at the end. That's the imperative for of hakea. In everyday life, I'd use the verb etsiä.

  • Mitä sä etsit? - What are/were you looking for?
  • olen etsinyt sitä kaikkialta. - I've been looking for it everwhere.

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