Saturday, October 12, 2013

Learning Finnish for a movie role

This is interesting. A Swedish actor has been chosen to play a Finnish character in a Finnish movie Vadelmavenepakolainen, and that's why he is now intensively studying Finnish. He says that he didn't know any Finnish before he started taking classes twice a week last summer. Vadelmavenepakolainen is a very funny novel by Miika Nousiainen. In short, it's a story of a Finnish man who is obsessed with everything Swedish. I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, not just because the book was really good, but also because of the language. Hyvä, Jonas!

Oh, vadelmavene is a raspberry-flavoured candy shaped of a boat and pakolainen is a refugee.


  1. good luck with that :)

  2. Why on earth did they choose a swedish actor? :o

  3. Apparently the actor had to speak flawless Swedish. Too bad they forgot it would have been easier to teach flawless Swedish to a (Finnish-speaking) Finn (especially with the school background, not to meantion a Swedish-speaking Finn) than to teach anything near passably native Finnish to a Swede.
    They may have screwed the pooch big time with this decision.

  4. ^I can't really see why it would be any easier for a native speaker of Finnish to learn flawless Swedish (whatever that means in practice) than it is for a native speaker of Swedish to learn immaculate Finnish. Optimal of course would have been to find someone with a (close-to-)native competence in both, but I suppose such a person wasn't available. I'll be curious to see the movie as well.

    1. Yeah, right. Like the multitude of Finnish-Swedish actors are all unavailable.