Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lahjaideoita - Gift ideas

Do you still need a christmas gift for someone? Here are some ideas.

  • Soiva laulukirja - A song book that plays the melodies. This is really, really good, and can entertain kids for hours. And you'll learn Finnish, too. (Read about the soiva grammar here.)

  • Taidepakka - A deck of A5 size cards about the masterpieces of Finnish art. Stylish, sophisticated and educational! Also, if you're ever going to visit Ateneum in Helsinki, it's good to know something about the artwork beforehand.

  • Finally, why not surprise your friend and book a Finnish class in Skype? Or in Jyväskylä, if you live here. Since my first session is free, this gift doesn't even cost anything for you. You can also arrange some quality time with your friend and start taking Finnish lessons together! Only your imagination is the limit. 

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new baby arrival gift baskets said...

I got Soiva laulukirja from my friend by,true love is! It does seem to us to establish itself in a couple of weeks,when I asked the girl 2 yrs. for her birthday.The book has a lot of our 2 yrs. and 3v. for girls,the already familiar songs,so I hope this coming quite a hit! :)
@Olivia Virtanen.