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Keksiä is to invent something and to come up with something. The four important forms are keksiä, keksin, keksin and keksinyt. The imperative form keksi looks the same as the basic form of keksi, which is a cookie or a bisquit. If you can't decide which cookies to buy in Finnish grocery stores, here's my top 5:

  1. Café au LU Bastogne
  2. Jaffa
  3. Domino
  4. Ballerina
  5. Carneval

 Here are some sentences with keksiä: 

  • Keksi joku tekosyy! - Make up some excuse!
  • Keksisin, jos jaksaisin. - I would if I had energy. 
  • Mä en keksi nyt mitään. - I cannot come up with anything right now.
  • Keksitään jotain yhdessä. - Let's make up something together. 
  • Kaikki on jo keksitty. - Everything has been invented already. 
  • Kuka tämän keksi? - Who came up with this?
  • Sinäkö tämän keksit? - Was it you who came up with this?
  • En keksinyt sitä yksin! - I didn't come up with it alone!
  • Etkö voinut keksiä parempaa selitystä? - Couldn't you figure out a better explanation?
  • Miten sinä keksit tämän? - How did you come up with this?
  • Kuka keksi rakkauden? - Who invented love?
  • Voitko keksiä jotain parempaa? - Can you come up with something better?

Of course,  also some sentences with keksi:

  • Saanko ottaa neljä keksiä? - Can I take four cookies?
  • Miksi minä sain vain yhden keksin? - Why did I get only one cookie?
  • Älkää unohtako keksejä! - Don't forget the cookies!
  • Mitä keksejä te ostitte? - Which cookies did you buy?
  • Missä ne keksit ovat? - Where are the cookies?

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