Friday, October 23, 2015

Confusingly similar words

Here are some words that are annoyingly similar, especially if you're taking a certain exam and there is a risk that you will spend all your time talking about a wrong topic. I'll keep adding to this list as I notice more words that might be confusing.

  • Eläin is an animal. Elämä is life.
  • Liikenne is traffic. Liike is a movement or a store or a shop. Liikunta is sports.
  • Aika is time. The genitive of aika is ajan, which is also the first person conjugation of ajaa, to drive.
  • Luonto is nature. Luento is a lecture. 
  • Kylä is a village, but it's also used in the expression käydä kylässä, to visit someone. 
  • Menestys is a success. Menetys is a loss.
  • Ohjelma is a programme. Ongelma is a problem.
  • Liha is meat, lihava is fat, lihas is a muscle. Lihaksikas is muscular. Don't confuse that with lihasika, which is a pig that is raised for its meat.


  1. Minulla on seurava ehdotus: Välittää, Vallita, Valita ja Valitta

  2. Vaikuttaa (to seem/influence/affect) ja vakuuttaa (to assert/convince/reassure)!

  3. Niinpa... tyttöystäväni vielä nauraa kun muistaa minun "olen paholainen" :)

  4. I always have to think about words beginning with 'yksi-' like yksinäinen (lonely), yksityinen (private).

    1. Tästä voi olla apua: http://