Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Containers in Finnish

So many different words for containers! Do you know what's the difference between these eight words:
  1. aski
  2. rasia
  3. tölkki
  4. purkki
  5. paketti
  6. laatikko
  7. kotelo
  8. pakkaus

Here are the answers:

  1. Aski is a small cardboard box, often containing matches, (tulitikkuaski) salmiakki or cigarettes (tupakka-aski). 
  2. Rasia can be of made of any material. I'd say that the most common rasia in a Finnish household is pakasterasia, a plastic freezing container. Pillerirasia is a pill box, korurasia is a jewellery box. 
  3. Tölkki is usually a metal can for beer (oluttölkki), soft drinks (limsatölkki) and for example canned fruit (ananastölkki). 
  4. Purkki can be made of any material, and it can contain both food and other stuff.  It can be tall like maitopurkki (it can also be maitotölkki) or smaller like an individual jogurttipurkki. A glass jar can be either lasipurkki or lasitölkki.
  5. Paketti can be a package or a parcel. Gifts and presents are often wrapped into lahjapaketti. In Finland, ice cream usually comes in jäätelöpaketti. 
  6. Laatikko is a box or a drawer, and also something else
  7. Kotelo is a case as in silmälasikotelo, a glasses case, or viulukotelo, a violin case.
  8. Pakkaus is just a container. In Finnish, it's used most commonly in äitiyspakkaus. 

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My name is Hanna Männikkölahti, and I am a native Finn who gives private lessons via Skype and simplifies books into easy Finnish. Please leave a comment, if you have something to ask about Finnish or novels in easy Finnish. 

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Sarah Affleck said...

kiitos tästä! Tämä on aina ollut vaikea asia ymmärtää ja käyttää oikeaa sanaa!

Anne said...

Tuubi, purso