Monday, April 25, 2016

Asking for recommendations when ordering in Finnish

I just spent a lovely weekend in Stockholm with my friends. I don't think I ordered anything without first asking the opinion of the person working in the café, bar or a restaurant. I know, it sounds super annoying, but I was just really excited to be able to practice my Swedish! Here's how to be an indecisive tourist in Finnish:

  • Mitä sinä suosittelisit? - What would you recommend?
  • Mikä näistä on suosituin? - Which one of these (individual portions) is the most popular? 
  • Mikä tee on kaikkein suosituinta? - Which tea is the most popular?
  • Mikä on sun mielestä teidän paras jälkiruoka? - In your opinion, what's your best dessert?

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