Monday, May 2, 2016

Past participle active in Finnish

This one is also called the NUT participle, and it's used in three tenses:

Past tense negative:

  • Miksi sinä et kertonut minulle? - Why didn't you tell me?

 Perfect tense:

  • Oletko sinä jo kertonut hänelle? - Have you told him already?
  • En ole kertonut hänelle vielä. - I haven't told him yet. 

Pluperfect tense:

  • Olin jo kertonut kaiken, mutta hän halusi tietää lisää. - I had already told everything, but he wanted to know more. 
  • En ollut kertonut hänelle mitään, mutta hän tiesi, mitä oli tapahtunut - I hadn't told him anything, but he knew what had happened. 

The NUT participle is quite easy to form: drop the infinitive ending and add NUT or NYT. In plural, it's NEET.

  • (to tell) kertoa > kerto + nut > kertonut
  • (to ask) kysyä > kysy + nyt > kysynyt

  • (to drink) juoda > juo + nut > juonut
  • (to eat) syödä > syö + nyt  > syönyt

Verb type 3: 

(Notice the slightly different ending!)

  • (to go) mennä > men + nyt > mennyt
  • (to study) opiskella > opiskel + lut  > opiskellut
  • (to walk) kävellä > kävel + lyt > kävellyt
  • (to wash) pestä > pes + syt > pessyt
  • (to bite) purra > pur + rut > purrut

Verb type 4: 

(Notice the double n.)

  • (to play) pelata > pela + nnut > pelannut
  • (to clean) siivota > siivo + nnut > siivonnut
  • (to wake up) herätä > herä + nnyt > herännyt

Here's a post about the use of the past tenses in Finnish.
This one is about the negative past tense.

NUT participle as an adjective:

  • Mihin se tuossa istunut poika meni? - Where did the boy who sat there go?
  • Mikä sen äsken puhuneen miehen nimi oli? - What was the name of the man who just spoke? (Yes, the stem of puhunut is puhunee-.)

NUT participle in a referative construction:

  • Tiedän hänen asuneen Helsingissä. - I know that he lived in Helsinki. (This one is more common in written language. Usually people would say Tiedän, että hän asui Helsingissä.)

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Unknown said...

Hello. My name is Eryn. I am trying to learn Finnish and after reading this post I just wanted to know how do you decide which ending to use with certain words?

Random Finnish Lesson / Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Hei Eryn. Finnish endings are just like English prepositions, but in a different place and attached to the word stem: