Friday, June 3, 2016


If you like and follow all things Finnish, I'm sure you've heard of Löyly. Here's how to book a two-hour sauna turn for you and your friends. The phone number is +358 9 6128 6550.

The 2-hour sauna turn costs 19 euros. Unlike in a regular Finnish sauna, everybody must wear a swimsuit, because the idea is that men and woman will be saunaing together. (And if men and women were taking saunas separately and everyone was naked, the cooling terrace would be full of naked Finnish men scaring all the tourist away.) Apparently, you can bring dogs to the terrace.

Löyly will give you pyyhe (a towel) and pefletti (the thing that you sit on so that you won't burn your pakarat.) The showers will have shampoo, but no hoitoaine (conditioner).

More about Löyly:

Please leave a comment, if you've already been to Löyly! You can also recommend other public saunas in Helsinki area. Here's an older post about sauna that you might also enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Just wrap your towel around you when you are on the cooling terrace. That is what we do in our sauna's. They are always mixed and naked.

Unknown said...

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