Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to impress Finnish audience

I don't know how many artists and bands actively study Finnish before their concert tour, but here's a small post for those who want to say something in Finnish and impress their audience.

The concert is probably in the evening, so you can start off by yelling Hyvää iltaa + whatever city you are performing at. That means Good evening. You can check the pronunciation in

  • Mitä kuuluu? - How are you?
  • Onko teillä kivaa? - Are you having fun?
  • Kädet ilmaan! - Put your hands up in the air!
  • Te olette mahtava yleisö. - You are an awesome audience. 
  • Tämä on uusi laulu. - This is a new song. 
  • Kiitos! - Thank you!
  • Te olitte mahtava yleisö! - You were an awesome audience!
  • Hyvää yötä! - Good night!

Oh, speaking of artists: David Hasselhoff will be a judge in Talent Suomi. I wonder if he ever reads this blog.:)

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