Friday, October 28, 2016

Passive in a nutshell

Here are all the posts that I have written that have something to do with passive:

  • Minä maalaan tuon seinän huomenna. - I'll paint that wall tomorrow. 

In a passive sentence, you'd start with the object: 

  • Tuo seinä maalataan huomenna. - That wall will be painted tomorrow. 

You can also start a passive sentence with a time expression or a place.

  • Huomenna tuo seinä vihdoin maalataan! - Tomorrow, they will finally paint that wall!
  • Koulussa maalataan vesiväreillä. - At school, they paint with watercolours.

p.s. I just learned that if you order my blog to your email, you actually see the whole post in your email and not just a link to the post. For all these years, I've had a horrible habit of publishing a post and then correcting the mistakes and doing some editing later before publishing the post on my Facebook page. That means that those who have ordered the blog have always seen the worst version of each post! I'm so sorry. I'll do differently in the future. Actually, those who order my blog won't probably read this because I'm adding this after publishing the post. :) Anteeksi


Angela said...

um...i hope that is "vesiväreillä".

Hanna Männikkölahti said...

Oho, joo! Ei "veriväreillä" vaan "vesiväreillä". Vaikka sekin sopisi, kun pian on Halloween.:)

Lua said...


Can you explain further the differences between passive voice and generic sentence? I do have troubles using them.

Thank you so much