Friday, May 26, 2017

niin - näin - noin - nain

Just a small post for the weekend about words that are very similar to each other. Do you know the difference between niin, nain, näin and noin?

I have a separate posts about these two:

Näin is like this, so, and I saw:

  • Tee näin. - Do like this.
  • Ai se on näin kallis! - Oh it's so expensive! (Whatever you're talking about is kind of close to you.)
  • Minä näin sinut eilen. - I saw you yesterday.

Noin is like that or so, and it is used what you can point at something.

  • Ei noin! - Not like that!
  • Ai se on noin kallis. - Oh it's so expensive. 

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  1. I always appreciate your informative posts, kiitos lähettämästä!

    Will this sound good enough:
    No niin, näin näin kauan sitten, että näin meidät vanhoja kuvia ja luulen: "Noin kauan sitten..."

  2. Thank you for a good topic, but still it is confusing me :( Those "niin, näin and noin" and a meaning of "like this/that, so" (mainly niin/näin seem to me identical). I am not able to distinguish by myself when to use which one... I don't know how to decide which one to use. Can you please give me some hint? Kiitos!! :)