Monday, January 8, 2018

Finnish tv shows

Here's a small post about Finnish tv shows that are good and funny:

  • Donna - A romantic comedy series about a blind woman. 
  • Downshiftaajat - A comedy / drama series about a couple who pretends to be downshifting when in reality they have lost all their money. (Unfortunately, this show is only viewable in Finland.)
  • Luottomies - A comedy series about a married couple and their neighbour.

Remember to click on the Finnish subtitles!

Alina Tomnikov as Donna. Kuva: Yle Areena

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Hannah said...

I watched Donna and it is such an amazing series with great story.

Unknown said...

Hello Hannah!

Besides Kausi (I think it's the name right?), is there any else movies included engsub?

Kiitos paljon kaikesta.