Monday, January 13, 2020

How to hit, push and get run over in Finnish

  • Lyödä is to hit.
  • Työntää is to push. The sign on a door says työnnä (or vedä).
  • Töniä is to push many times. Älä töni! is what children yell at each other.
  • Tönäistä is to push once, kind of quickly.
  • Töytäistä is what a car does to a person. Write Auto töytäisi in Google, and you'll find several articles about traffic accidents. 
  • To get hit by a car is tulla or joutua auton töytäisemäksi.
  • Jäädä auton alle is literally to remain under the car, so a bit stronger than the previous expression.
  • Osua is to hit a target. Search for Juna osui and you'll get different articles about trains hitting animals.
  • Ajaa yli is to run over.

Juna ajoi kolmen hirven yli.

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