Saturday, August 11, 2012

Personal pronouns and endings

These things you've probably learned a long time a go, but just a quick reminder of the personal pronouns and verb endings. The most common spoken language alternative in parenthesis.

  • minä (mä) - I 
  • sinä (sä) - you singular
  • hän (se) - s/he 
  • me - we
  • te - you plural
  • he (ne) - they

Let's use the verb tulla, to come, as an example for the personal endings. 

  • minä tuleN
  • sinä tuleT
  • hän tuleE (double the last vowel whatever it is, except in verb type 2. Only one i in the past tense.)
  • me tuleMME (this one is different in spoken language.)
  • te tuleTTE
  • he tuleVAT (in spoken language, this would be ne tulee, so the same verb form as in singular.)

The four important forms are tulla, tulen, tulin, tullut.

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Anonymous said...

Also often heard: mie, sie, hää, myö, työ, hyö