Sunday, August 5, 2012

takia - takana - takaisin

I know a little man who always mixes up these three words! Here's the difference, in case he's not the only one:

takia = because of

  • Minkä takia sinä otit sen? - Why did you take it? (minkä takia = miksi)
  • Tämän takia siihen ei saanut koskea. - This is the reason (because of this) one wasn't supposed to touch it. 

takana = behind

  • Minä olen täällä sohvan takana! - I'm here behind the sofa!
  • En halua istua näin takana. - I don't want to sit so far behind.

(Notice that taakse is to behind and takaa is from behind.)

takaisin = back to a certain direction (the body part back is selkä)

  • Anna se takaisin. - Give it back.
  • Mennään takaisin kauppaan. - Let's go back to the store.
  • Milloin sä tuut takaisin? - When will you be back?

Notice that if you want to say I'm back in Finnish, you have to use some other verb than just olla

  • Olen tullut takaisin! - I have come back!
  • Mä oon taas täällä! - I'm here again!

p.s. If you want to read more, Kielikello has a really good article about takaisin.

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Anonymous said...

A construct similar to minkä takia is used in English too: what for.